The Sunderer; Not your grandad's death bus

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The Sunderer; Not your grandad's death bus

Postby rhonnin » Thu Nov 08, 2012 6:58 pm

with all of the load out options the strategy for utilizing the Sundy in small groups and in conjunction with armor is endless. PS2 is going to be a game were the most organised outfits will be the most successful regardless of size and the Sundy is a perfect example of how that can pay off.
Last night I was in a very organised platoon, at one point we used 2 Sundys with different weapon load outs to support 3 Prowlers, we used them to keep infantry off the tanks and to suppress the surrounding buildings so respawns could advance. Made great use of smoke to cover the respawns as they assaulted the main base too. I'm not sure if there is an AA canon for the sunderer but if there is you could rule the battlefield with 3 sundys and 3 prowlers, or 2 prowlers and a lighting in skyguard config.
We rolled over larger forces simply because we were better organised, though by larger force I mean population difference, Vanu had 48% pop on Amerish to our 33% at one point but we had a column of vehicles a mile long.
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Re: The Sunderer; Not your grandad's death bus

Postby Gunther » Fri Nov 09, 2012 5:48 pm

Great story, Rhonnin! :D
I wish I could play.
SOE thinks I have a beta account, but I never saw the key or the downloads.
I am a very busy man anyway. I'd probably only have time to play a few hours a week.
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