Fantasy Football Week #6

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Fantasy Football Week #6

Postby Gunther » Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:11 am

Week 6 of the Enforcers FF league

An amazing upset conducted by the Boston Eagles over the Morgan Raiders 134 – 70. The Raiders went into the game 4-1 and the Eagles, 1-4. But tenacity and a fighting spirit overcame the obstacles. One of the primary reasons for the Eagles success, was Maruice Jones-Drew, JAC, RB, finally decided to show up for work with 33 carries for 133 yards and 3 TDs giving the Eagles 33 FF Points. For the Raiders, Andre Johnson, HOU, WR, had 8 receptions for 135 yards providing Morgan 13 FF Points.


Although Kansas City Sad Chiefs came out in full force to play this week wracking up 122 points, it was not enough for the domineering Toledo Dobermans who routed the Sad Chiefs with 151 points. An amazing performance by the Toledo squad; truly amazing. Can anyone stop the hard biting Dobermans? Tom Brady, NE, QB, did however set plenty of records for the Patriots with 29 of 34 (85.3%) Completions over 380 yards and 6 TDs giving Kansas City 39 FF Points. This was the first time any team had scored 5 TDs in one half since the AFL and NFL merged in 1970. It was solid and consistent performers like DeAngelo Williams, CAR, RB that won the day for the Dobermans. Williams had 30 carries for 152 yards and 2 TDs giving Toledo 29 FF points.

It was snowing in Foxboro (Gillette Stadium) and 7 miles south in North Attleboro (Home) I saw only rain.

San Francisco NorfolkinChance increased their record to 4-2 putting them tied for second with Morgan Raiders. The San Francisco unit quickly overran the San Diego Dread Pirates 86 – 58 with the lowest scoring game of the week. Drew Brees, NO, QB, completed 23 of 30 for 369 yards and 4 TDs giving San Francisco 30 FF Points. Meanwhile, Ryan Longwell, MIN, K, put up an amazing 16 FF points for San Diego. Wow! Fantastic! I am incredulous in the realization that a Kicker was the highest point setter in a Fantasy Football game.


And finally the game of the week; first place Bubble Boys thrashed the Maine iacs 110 – 99. Although it was a close scoring game, this places the Road Running Bubble Boys alone in first place for the first time this season. The leading scorer of the game was Wes Welker, NE, WR, with 10 receptions for 150 yards and 2 TDs giving Maine iacs 27 FF points. Hines Ward, PIT, WR, had 8 carries for 159 yards and 1 TD giving Bubble Boys 21 FF Points.


The Enforcers player of the week for Week #6 is:


Tom Brady, NE, QB
Welcome back, Junior (40 yoa). Even an Hawaiian can smile in the snow.
Just don’t call them the Boston Patriots, they had that name for one season (1960).

1 Bubble Boys 5-1 571 points
2 SF Norfolkin... 4-2 565 points
3 Morgan Raiders 4-2 503 points
4 Toledo Dober... 3-3 580 points
5 San Diego Dr... 3-3 556 points
6 Boston Eagles 2-4 539 points
7 Kansas City ... 2-4 460 points
8 Maine iacs 1-5 539 points
GuntertE, Lv 1, NC on Waterson
GunthertE, Lv3, TR on Mattherson
Landain, Lv3, TR on Jaeger
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Postby Rangerr » Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:25 pm

Gunther I am not trying to take anything away from your win, you put up 134 points, and that is going to win 99% of the time. But I haven't scored more than 70 points in three weeks now. I am the second lowest overall scorer. My players can't get it going. I will be lucky to stay above .500. My only bright spot is Peyton Manning's bye week is over. I need him to continue to avg 300+ yards and 2 TD's a game to even be competitive.
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