New signature if anyone is bored...

Request a sig, avatar, interface, etc... Display your digital art, Machima, or whatever.

New signature if anyone is bored...

Postby Tackalt » Wed Nov 08, 2006 4:01 pm

I've begun playing a new game called Carpe Diem in which I was a Closed Beta tester and an avid community member for a while. It's a small-scale game and the player-base is probably only a couple thousand if that at all. ... fault.aspx if you are interested in it. It's not a game that is cutting edge of graphics, but the community draws me to it. The devs are very good at communicating.

Anyways, was wondering if anyone could make me a sig if they are bored or have a chance? I've been trying in Photoshop, but I utterly fail at it.

Here are some images...I can't find really any good ones that could be used in a signature, but maybe you guys can work with it... ... 57&catid=1

It's basically a game with mounts and dragons and etc, etc. I'm a Knight class if that helps with clip art searching or what not.

Basically just wanted it to say things randomly on the signature...
Closed Beta Phase Tester
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Thanks in advance if anyone decides to take on this epic feat.
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