SandBrige-E that will lead to IvyBridge

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SandBrige-E that will lead to IvyBridge

Postby redwarrior666 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:49 pm ... _2012.html

There are much better articles out there but this gives you a crude idea. The TriGate Transistor looks Yummy! If you do any kind of virtualization you will want this. IvyBridge chips probably be 8 to 10 core , hyper-threaded with 20 megs of L3 cache. The new SandyBridge boards come with support up to 64 Gigs of memory... finally I can have a decent ESXi white box on the home front... about Fcuking time .. Intel.... Equip this with 5 or 6 SSD's and it's Sunshine and Loli Pops! I can't wait to get an 8 core IvyBridge tri-gate transistor 2.5 Billion transistor monster running at 77 Watts. I want it now......
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Re: SandBrige-E that will lead to IvyBridge

Postby roadrunner » Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:22 am

I am waiting for the Ivy bridge release to build my next PC. From what I read so far the biggest advantage is they use a lot less power but not a big improvement in performance. I really wished it would have been around when I built my HTPC as I went with a AMD APU instead.

Even with the modest performance improvements I am looking forward to the new platform and curious about the overclocking possibilities.

Can't wait until the spring-summer to build my new PC. 8)
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