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SM- Post thoughts on this

Postby Padis » Thu May 05, 2005 7:49 am

I noticed that SM now has a level 30 min level requirement. Strangely, the Main quest can be obtained two levels earlier. While looking at these numbers, I realized that it might be possible to have several guild members in their 30s have lv 40 weapons, with help. If we had a 60 helping out, we could get at least 4 people a weapon 10 levels above them. The only catch would be in addition to needing help in the instance, these people would also need to make a trip to Desolace. While possible, is it a good idea? Give me some feedback on this idea, I think the idea of a 30 warrior with a Sword of Serenity or a 30 Pally with bonebiter+SoC is pretty cool. :D
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